School Spirit & Team Building

Making good friends and feeling like you belong is an important part of high school life. Students at LTMHS benefit from a variety of activities that promote healthy relationships and a sense of belonging. Areas of the school are open to all students during recess and lunch to promote positive social interaction between individuals or groups of students. The breakfast room, the student lounges (jr. and sr.), the library, the gym and fitness room are all places you will find students of any grade level gathered together for activities, down-time, group work, or conversation.

One special activity that takes place at LTMHS every year in the fall is an event called COLOUR CLASH.
During this full-day event, the entire school participates in activities that are meant to foster a sense of belonging, improve collaboration, unleash creativity, and increase school spirit.

All students and staff are divided at random into teams, and each team is given a specific colour. Senior students lead their team as captains for the day, and everyone gets to participate in games, relays, and activities to earn points for their team. This day is a wonderful opportunity for all students to make friends and form new bonds, and for all to work together and have fun in the spirit of play.

Everyone looks forward to Colour Clash year after year!

Colour Clash 2017