What sets us apart from others is our aim to create an entire school rooted in excellence. At LTMHS we are invested in making the extraordinary an everyday experience for everyone.  We are proud to offer a variety of learning environments and support for our students, including 1:1 access to technology for all students at every level.


Our use of technology in and out of the classroom aims to enrich the acquisition of important skills adapted to the 21st century such as  


Communication - sharing thoughts, questions, ideas, and solutions

Collaboration - working together to reach a goal, putting talent, expertise, and smarts to work

Critical Thinking - looking at problems in a new way, linking learning across subjects & disciplines

Creativity - using innovation and invention in trying new approaches to getting things done


These terms are not new in education, but they do have a different meaning in our day and age. In this rapidly changing world, our focus is on educating, mentoring, and coaching young adults to be prepared to meet the demands and challenges of the times.