LTM has a truly unique music course. The principal instrument of instruction is guitar. Each student at LTM is assigned an acoustic guitar for the school year. Student autonomy is the focus of music courses at LTM. Students learn the songs that they choose to learn - this is the biggest motivator in encouraging students to practice and practice is the greatest factor in improving. In addition to instrument time in class, students without instruments at home are permitted to borrow instruments for evenings and weekends. Music students at LTM are engaged in many different areas including music theory and appreciation, performance, creation and recording.


Progression of Learning & Evaluation


The original course material presents students with a progression of learning from secondary 1 to 5. A typical module would have a student learn a specific guitar technique, put it into practice by performing a song of their choice, and then compose and record an original piece of music that showcases the particular technique. Each assignment is referred to as a ‘badge’. Students who complete an assignment are awarded a digital badge for their accomplishment. A certain portion of each student’s grade per term is based upon badges that the student chooses to complete in addition to those assigned.




Students at LTM are trained in digital recording and music production. The software used is Pro Tools which is the industry standard digital audio workstation. Music students graduating from LTM can then include on their CV that they are proficient in Pro Tools, something that is invaluable for anyone applying to work in the audio industry down the road. Instruction in the software is delivered by an AVID-certified Pro Tools Expert, of which there are only 15 in Canada.


Not only is the quality of instruction incomparable, the degree of engagement is immeasurable. When a student hears a piece of music they have composed recorded professionally, it ignites their passion for creation. This passion can be furthered by participating in LTM’s Recording Arts Club which meets weekly.




Students are exposed to music performance through both collaborative and individual class assignments. Those who have the desire to perform outside of class may participate in the school concerts. Students put on 2 large-scale shows during the school year to showcase their passion for music and also to raise funds for the music program. Students have a sense of ownership of the music program as they see the time and effort they invest directly reinvested in tools for learning such as recording stations, improved equipment, etc. Students looking to perform in a more relaxed setting may also participate in any or all of the 3 ‘Open-Mic’ nights