The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative is a teen-empowering project initiated by the Toscan Casale Foundation of Toronto. 

Its mission is to involve teens in their local communities, to show them that they can effect change and to lead them to become active citizens. 

Schools from across Canada, Scotland, England, and Ireland participate in this program.

As one of only 8 schools in the province of Quebec and one of only 2 public schools, Lake of Two Mountains High School has been a proud participant in this initiative for the past 9 years.

Through the Ethics and Religious Cultures course, from Secondary I through V, volunteerism is an integral part of the program, ranging from helping a family member in Secondary I, to helping an organization you are familiar with in Secondary II, to initiating the YPI project in Secondary IV and creating your own charity in Secondary V. 

The YPI project sees Secondary IV students divide themselves into groups of 2-4, choose a social issue that they are passionate about, find a local/grassroots charity that addresses that issue, research it through interviews and volunteering, then present their findings in a 10-minute audio-visual presentation in the class. Top projects then have the opportunity to compete before a panel of judges – alumni, senior students, and representatives from the Foundation – for a prize of $5,000 to be donated to the charity they investigated.

Past issues have included horse riding therapy for physically handicapped children, various food distribution programs for the underprivileged, women’s shelters, drug rehab centers, community outreach organizations, and more.

Last year, the Toscan Casale foundation distributed over $500,000 in prize money in Canada alone. Lake of Two Mountains High School wins every year and has to date donated $40,000 to charity.

We are proud to have our students involved in such a program.

WE Movement 

LTMHS is a proud member of WE, a non-profit organization founded by teenagers that aims to empower youth to change the world. For several years LTMHS has participated in We Day rallies, and recently held sales of ME to WE products that sent 100% of profits back to the women in Haiti who make these products to support their families. Find out more about WE. https://www.we.org/we-movement/ 

Local Charities

Through the ethics courses and Leadership program, LTMHS students are encouraged to help out local charities in the community. Every year our students volunteer with the local Lions’ Club, Dépannage St-Agapit, and at other community-run events. We are proud to help our community in any way that we can!