Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to empower students with the 21st-century skills, processes and habits of learning that will prepare them for the future and provide opportunities to become responsible, successful citizens.


Our vision is that LTMHS be an exemplary 21st-century learning community whose graduates are prepared to excel in a complex, interconnected, changing world.  


The following mission statement or philosophy has been developed for LTMHS through the hard work and discussion of the Governing Board.


The goals stated coincide with those of our Educational Policy and Success Plan. Summed up in  a sentence, the essence is:


Together we shall help our students develop into healthy, caring, responsible individuals, fully functional within our community and our society.


In order to help focus on our goal, five areas have been highlighted.


Increase in results on High School Leaving in each of the MEES required subject areas.

Increase in the percentage of students achieving passing marks in English and French Language Arts.

Increase the success rate of individual goals set out in IEP’s.

Improve the self-esteem and respect for self and others; to create a more positive attitude towards the learning environment.